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5th Grade
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Here are some answers:

Will my class really receive bikes if I win?

That’s right. When you win, all your friends win!

What if I don’t want a bike?

We will offer you the choice of a scooter for yourself and your friends, as well as other potential options that are right for you and your class.

Who will benefit from this raffle?

The acclaimed Magen Avrohom organization, which assists people who struggle silently with eating disorders.

Will the bikes be the correct size for me?

Yes, when you win, you will receive a card to fill out with the preferred bike for you and each classmate.

If I am a bachur in yeshiva, will my entire shiur receive a bike?

Yes, indeed! Up to 40 bachurim will win along with you.

Magen Avrohom


The struggle against an eating disorder is relentless and constant, 24/7. Those in the struggler’s environment need help in dealing with the struggler on a day-to-day and minute-to-minute basis. The right word and action can make all the difference in soothing and coaxing the struggler to take the right steps. Research supports that the patient’s social system - family, friends, mentors, school system, employers - is a most important treatment component. Unfortunately, they are generally ignored. Rather than excluding them, Magen Avrohom’s innovative approach enlists the active cooperation of all important and positive people in the struggler’s world. We guide them on how to develop a supportive, healthy and unified environment conducive to the patient’s progress.

Dealing with a family member who has an eating disorder places great stress on the family. Progress is not straightforward - it is one of ups and downs. If intervention is made very early on, the rate of recovery can be as short as one year. If the disease went undiagnosed for any length of time, recovery can take years. The emotional and financial strain on families is enormous. They see their suffering as unending.

Despite the enormous challenge inherent in our work, Magen Avrohom continues to be there for strugglers and families. We are committed to every struggler who walks through our door. Even those who pursue different paths often return. They know we understand the struggle, and that we care. Through education, guidance and support, the strugglers regain self-confidence. They are encouraged to make positive choices, which puts them on the road to complete healing, eventually freeing them from eating disorder’s powerful grip.

Magen Avrohom’s aim is to keep the struggler as functional as possible in their natural community environment; to support and guide family members; and to ensure that the struggler is progressing towards recovery.

We are here to support them in their time of need and rejoice with them in recovery.

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Strugglers helped


years of saving lives


Average cost per struggler during the initial stages


Time spent on each case

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