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  1. Hello Sunshine! Nuchem Erlich, Boro Park
  2. It's a Buyer's Market- Boruch Green, Lakewood
  3. Destination- Home- Toby Levine, Boro Park
  4. Kitchen- Roizy Teitelbaum, Lakewood
  5. Bling it On!- Yoel Alter, Flatbush
  6. Dress to Impress- Rivky Bauer, Boro Park
  7. Scrape the Bottom- Lezer Rausman, Lakewood
  8. Blind Spots- Menachem Zelcer, Lakewood
  9. A la Carte- Tziri Friedman, Monsey
  10. Read All About It- Miriam Weiss Monsey
  11. Baby on Board- Chaim Y. Rottenberg, Lakewood
  12. Get Framed- Mirel Frank, Flatbush
  13. Get the Picture- Aaron Lieber Boro Park
  14. Table of Contents- Yehudis Silver, Lakewood
  15. Your Carriage Awaits- C.M. Jaroslowitz, Brooklyn
  16. Light it Up- Chaim Silver Boro Park
  17. Watch Out!- Yanky Klein Boro Park
  18. It's Time for Bed- Baily Moseson Lakewood
  19. Toying Around- Family Klein Boro Park
  20. Come to Rest- Family Bistritzky Boro Park
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Dear Friend,

According to estimates, 10% of those struggling with anorexia will die of their disease! The number rises to 20% if the individual does not receive proper treatment.

It is hard to describe in words the pain and anguish of young strugglers and their helpless parents. Witnessing a blossoming young flower become trapped in the grip of a seemingly senseless disease, brings family and friends to the deepest levels of despair. Owing to the nature of these debilitating mental health conditions, Magen Avrohom does not have the luxury of survivors’ and their families’ testimony being used as fundraising tools.

When it comes to saving young lives, this organization led by R’ Dovid Dewick, with the guidance of Gedolei Yisroel, stops at nothing to help those crying out for help.

I urge you to please join me in supporting this great cause.


Yitzchok & Malky Kupitz

Help Me Defeat Anorexia

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